Monday, September 19, 2011

Day 18

Day 18~Something you crave alot

As you can tell CHIPS!!!!! yes chips are my weakness. And when I have dip I have to have Lays Wavy original with Frito Lay French Onion dip....YUMMY. However since I've been working out and I haven't had them as often I would like, health first. When I feel like cheating these babies are first on my list minus the dip though:(
Until next time beauties, always be fierce in everything you do ♥Tisha xoxoxo

Lip of the Day~MACs Peachstock Alternative

I have been on a hunt for MACs Peachstock lipstick and it's always SOLD OUT! so here is my alternative to this color:

All MAC products used to achieve this lip color: Mattene Lipstick in (Delectable), Creamesheen Glass in (Fashion Whim) Hodgepodge lipliner

I hope you guys like this look if you decide to try it please post a pic so I can see your outcome, until next time beauties xoxox!


Thursday, September 15, 2011

30 Day Blog Challenge~Day 17

Shame on me I'm a month behind; however I'm going to finish this challenge well it's my goal anyway.

Day17~A photo of you and your family

Now my young people are grown well at least 2 of them so you know it's hard to get them to take pictures when their teenagers and now their grown it's even harder. So I just got some pictures they took within the last 3yrs. Here's me and my family oh and the baby picture is my handsome grandson Micah:)

Until next time....always be fierce in everything you do:)

♥ Tisha